role-playing games and others


A collective of Swedish writers, designers and artists, creating tabletop role-playing games under a common label


  • The Supercrew: Create yourself as a super-hero to fight colorful villains in a game where the rules are a comic book. Available on drivethru or itch.

  • Supergänget, the same as above but in Swedish.

  • The World Broke, a small, surreal poem-game about a hazy pastel California after reality ended, heavy on random tables.

  • A World Mending: hope and rebuilding after an apocalypse that only almost was.

  • The Right to Bear Arm: a dungeon adventure for Mörk Borg, about a severed arm with the tattoo of a labyrinth.

  • Terone, baroque post-post-apocalyptic science fantasy, heavy on melancholy. Only in Swedish for now.

  • Magneter och mirakel: Roleplaying and storytelling in a world of magnets and miracles. In Swedish.

  • Nostalgi: Retired adventurers recount stories of past glories to impress their grandchildren, but since nobody remembers who actually killed that dragon, imagination and storytelling flair are all that count. In Swedish. New version in English coming soon!

Svante Landgraf

Writer, designer, rulegiver, wizard, deep-time explorer

Martin Ackerfors

Writer, designer, doodler, caretaker of books

Tobias Radesäter

Artist, designer, reader, republic serial villain

Olle Linge

Writer, language enthusiast, discharged miracle master